Welcome to Chatty Claire!  


I am Jessica Claire of Chatty Claire. 


I help families learn how to be a family. I am a postpartum doula focusing on in-home breastfeeding consultations. 


I teach breastfeeding and parenting classes at Acorn Treasures in Huntsville, AL.  


I am the founder of Breastfeeding Rocks which supports the Breastfeeding Welcome Here Campaign.  


I am also event plannerpublic speaker, and virtual assistant.

Who is Claire?

Photograph:  Jessica Claire of Chatty Claire Jessica Claire of Chatty Claire
I support families in their breastfeeding and parenting journey through experienced peer support.

My passions and my heart involves my motherhod journey and helping families excel.  I love learning new things and bringing people together.  I am a breastfeeding advocate and supporter.  I have had three very different drug-free childbirth expriences.  I care deeply about women's health.  I have worked as a Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) and continue to advocate for child passenger safety.  We are a homeschooling family that believes that learning happens all the time.  I am so excited to watch my children learn and discover througout their entire childhood.  I tend to look for a natural option anytime my family's health is concerned.  Chatty Claire makes me a business owner again; I am now a work-from-home mom which brings a new set of challenges every day (and night because, let's face it, I work many hours while burning the midnight oil).   


My husband of 16 years is my best friend and an amazing encourager of my dreams.  We also have my wonderful step-daughter and her family which includes her husband and her beautiful daughterthat we are so thankful to have in our lives!  (Yes, that technically makes me a grandmother.)  


I have lived in Huntsville, Alabama since I was a young child.  I am still learning how great this city is and how many wonderful people reside here.  I love the diversity of this technical southern city.  In my pre-mommy life, I was a local professional photographer with a successful photography studio.  My husband and I both took pictures as well as ran the studio's day-to-day operations.  We photograhped mainly weddings, families and children. The relationships formed with our clients and related professionals during those years will forever be engraved on my heart. 

The short version:  I am strong, I love my family, and Dunkin Donuts coffee is a functional requirement.

Jessica Claire...

  • Is the mother of three children
  • Is a breastfeeding doula
  • Is a gentle parenting support provider
  • Guides others to challenge themselves and find their strength
  • Is a retired child passenger safety technician (CPST)
  • Is a work-from-home entrepreneur
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