Breastfeeding Services

I come to your home for breastfeeding counseling and latch/positioning help.  


I offer postpartum doula services focused on breastfeeding and lactation.  


I counsel families concerning breastfeeding and offer latch & positioning help.  I can help you understand your baby's cues and help you find newborn sleeping solutions that work for your family.  


Within Huntsville city limits; mileage surcharge for location outside of Huntsville city limits.  

Breastfeeding Resources

Q: What are Chatty Claire's favorite breastfeeding website resources? (Dr. Jack Newman)


Q: What are Chatty Claire's favorite breastfeeding app resources?

MommyMeds (paid; for medication use while breastfeeding):

LactMed (free; for medication use while breastfeeding):

Breastfeeding Solutions:



Q: Do you have any suggestions for how to not go bonkers while I’m seemingly breastfeeding 24/7?

  • Books (on Amazon):

  • Netflix. Lots of Netflix on the couch in your ‘nursing nest.’

  • Game apps on your phone that you can play with no volume.

  • Learn how to nurse in the side-lying position on a safe sleep surface.


Q: My nipples are traumatized. It hurts to breastfeed and they’re bleeding. Is this normal?

NO! This is an indication that something (or multiple somethings) need to change. I would be like to discuss your situation directly with you. Please email me and let me know which method works best for you (video chat or in-person chat).


Q: I was unsuccessful in meeting my breastfeeding goals with my first child.  Can you help me avoid problems so that I can meet my goals with this baby?  

Yes! I’d love to help you troubleshoot and work through your previous experience in such a way that you can meet your goals this time around.  Please let me know.  


Q: I think I might have yeast. What are some resources concerning yeast/candida/thrush?

I have two favorite resources for this and I encourage you to read them both:

  1. Dr. Jack Newman’s Candida Protocol

  2. Dr. Saenz Tips from the Trenches: Candida/Yeast Infections in Breastfeeding Dyads (#6):

Here’s my personal experience with treating yeast/candida/thrush while breastfeeding:

  1. Get a probiotic asap. Not just any probiotic; you need one formulated to combat yeast/candida/thrush. I’ve found two (but there may be others). Probiotics consume the candida albicans. The pain tends to flare worse for a day or so after starting the probiotics before they begin dying off. I took a ‘loading dose’ and then maintained the recommended dose after a few days of taking the probiotics. It will be in the refrigerated section of your chosen health food store.

    1. FemDophilus by Jarrow Labs and

    2. Ultimate Flora, Women’s Formula.

  2. Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) = Citrucidal.

    1. Use topically by diluting it per Dr. Newman’s instructions.

    2. I’d recommend that you take the pills, to be honest. But if you don’t have the pills, you can take the drops orally. I took the GSE drops orally by dropping the maximum dose into about ¼ cup of orange juice (stir well and shoot it while it’s still spinning; it doesn’t mix well) and then chase it with a few more swallows of plain orange juice. It’s BITTER!

  3. All Purpose Nipple Ointment (APNO) -- you’ll need your OB or physician to give you a prescription for this from a compounding pharmacy. It may not *cure* the yeast, but if it can reduce any amount of the pain, then it’s well worth it. It’s magic when combined with the other treatments. It’s NOT necessary to wipe it off before breastfeeding per Dr. Jack Newman, the creator of the formula for the APNO.  

  4. Many women have found Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV; raw, unfiltered, with the mother) consumed is very beneficial to combat systemic yeast. I squeeze ½ of a lemon in a mug of hot water along with a couple teaspoons of raw honey along with 1 Tbsp of ACV and I can drink it without gagging. ;-) I don’t drink it for the taste.

  5. Keep your nipples dry; yeast thrives on moist skin. Change your nursing pads frequently.

  6. Reduce your sugar intake as much as possible. But don’t starve yourself.

  7. Continue treatment for 10 days beyond your last day of symptoms. And baby and mom need to be treated simultaneously.  And keep some probiotics in the fridge at all times; a woman’s body is more susceptible to yeast for a while (forever?) and hormonal changes can cause yeast overgrowth at any time.



I’ll be including links here for you to read and review for these questions:  


Q: How do I know if I’m making enough milk?  


Q: How do I increase my supply?  


Q: My baby won’t latch! What do I do?

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