Breastfeeding Welcome Here

Businesses and organizations can help build a healthier community while encouraging a stronger economy by being supportive and welcoming to breastfeeding families.


Breastfeeding Welcome Here is a campaign for businesses and organizations to welcome breastfeeding and to support women and the families’ decision to breastfeed their babies. There is no cost to pledge your participation.


Breastfeeding Welcome Here decal This is the window decal that is provided at no charge to all Breastfeeding Welcome Here program pledge participants.

Displaying the Breastfeeding Welcome Here decal makes it easy for families to immediately recognize breastfeeding-friendly places.  When they are out and about in public areas, the decal lets them know where they can breastfeed comfortably.  Moreover, the Breastfeeding Welcome Here decal helps strengthen public awareness that breastfeeding is normal and essential.


Similar Breastfeeding Welcome Here programs have been implemented across the United States as well as in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the Philippines.


The Breastfeeding Welcome Here decal utilizes two important symbols.  First is the International Breastfeeding Symbol showing a mother breastfeeding a baby. The Breastfeeding Symbol was designed by Matt Daigle and it is now used globally to let people know where breastfeeding is welcome; it is also used in various materials to support, promote, and protect breastfeeding. The second image is logo that directs people where to go for more information about the Breastfeeding Welcome Here program in our area.

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