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1.a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.
Please visit businesses that have pledged to the Breastfeeding Welcome Here program.  When you visit, please be courteous and kind and let management know how much you appreciate their participation.  Be a valuable patron to their business.

We would love pictures of you with depicting the business in a positive manner for us to share on social media.  You can post them yourself and tag us or you can email or private message them to us.  If it's possible, I would appreciate the BWH decal in the picture along with you and your baby.  Please tag Breastfeeding Rocks as well as the business itself.  Hastags: #breastfeedingrocks #empower #breastfeedingwelcomehere #normalizebreastfeeding #breastfeedingisgoodforbusiness.  These things let the businesses know that their business is benefitting from their participation. 


How do I invite a business to take the pledge?

1. Ask to speak with the manager or owner of the business.

2. If you would like, print out the Breastfeeding Welcome Here overview (see PDF download document below) ahead of time to leave with the manager.

3. Encourage the manager or owner to take the pledge online at


4. If it is a corporate business, please ask for the the name of the person who would be in charge of making the decision and contact information (email or phone number) and pass it along to the Breastfeeding Welcome Here, Breastfeeding Rocks coordinator. 



Breastfeeding Welcome Here
Five page document that overviews the entire Breastfeeding Welcome Here program as presented by Breastfeeding Rocks.
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