My Services

Virtual - Breastfeeding:
Jessica Claire will meet with you online for a breastfeeding consultation and to discuss your postpartum support needs. 

Virtual - Parenting
Jessica Claire will meet with you online to educate and construct a parenting course of action for your family. 

My Services are for you!

When you are:

  • you are seeking breastfeeding support

  • you feel like you are receiving conflicting advice from family, friends, and healthcare professionals and need help finding your center

  • you appreciate well-sourced, evidence-based information

  • you need someone consistent to offer support, strength, and guidance

  • you would like help finding your version of parenting

  • you would like support in finding and staying sensitive to your instincts and intuition

  • you are looking for a continuum of your care

  • you would like to have someone in your corner for your questions and concerns

  • you want to soak up your baby’s infancy and not miss any of the good stuff while still being allowed to feel your very real feelings of new motherhood

  • you aren’t looking for a quick fix (although we’d love it if it happens!) but are seeking support

  • maybe you are without a partner or you need different (or more) support than your partner can provide in your circumstances

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